Who We Are

We are Branect.net, a subsidiary of Branect Consult LLC  incorporated in the US with offices in  Africa and Asia. We are a design, marketing and consulting Agency and we sell all kinds of Shirts like T-shirts, Longeleeve t-shirts, Polo shirts, Hoodie, Sweatshirts, Tank tops, V-neck T-shirt, Wide-neck T-shirts and many more for both men and women and even kids. The T-shirts are beautifully designed by us and produced in our factory in China. We ship worldwide and can take any amount of orders. If you need a large quantity of custom design shirts, you can contact us here

Our Shirts

Our shirts are of high quality and not like some inferior shirts out there. It’s 100% soft cotton, breathable and feels great on the skin and very comfortable. It is well stitched, does not fade or deform. You are assured of good quality when you buy from us.


Feel free and confident to go through our shop and buy any of our shirts.